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Author Guidelines

Updated April 23, 2023

General information

Dear authors,
according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1 / 11-8399 from 24.11.2020 Ukrainian scientific journals must be published in the state language, English or other European Union official languages.
Therefore, from 2021, articles that must comply with these recommendations will be accepted for publication. If necessary - the editors provide assistance with the manuscript translation for an additional fee.

The journal publishes the results of research in the areas of: clinical and experimental endovascular neurosurgery, neuroradiology, general interventional radiology, endovascular cardiology, general neurosurgery, neuroscience, anesthesiology, anesthesiology, radiology, neuroophthalmology and other fields of medicine related to the physiology and pathology of the nervous system. For more information, see section Problematics of the journal.

Manuscripts submitted to the editorial board of the journal “Ukrainian Interventional Neuroradiology and Surgery” must be original and unpublished. They should not be considered at the same time by any other publishing house. Responsibility for the content of the article lies with the authors, not on editors or publishers. The authors of the submitted documents must familiarize themselves with the Transfer of copyrights to the journal “Ukrainian Interventional Neuroradiology and Surgery”.

Submissions must be made in accordance with Ethical standards in the publishing business. Before the manuscript submitting, each author must review the Privacy of confidentiality and consenting to the processing of personal data.

Peer review process

Reviewing (expert evaluation) of scientific articles provide the maintain a high scientific and practical level of the journal "Ukrainian Interventional Neuroradiology and Surgery" and select the most relevant and interesting scientific article.  Journal "Ukrainian Interventional Neuroradiology and Surgery" uses the double-blind reviewing (anonymous). Review is free of charge in the journal. More information about the review process.

The journal doesn’t accept any manifestations of plagiarism and has its own specific criteria for its detection. The Journal “Ukrainian Interventional Neuroradiology and Surgery” uses software to detect text borrowings in submitted manuscripts: Detector Plagiarist, Antiplagiat. Manuscripts where plagiarism or text borrowing are detected without referrals to the original source are rejected by the editorial board before the article is published in journal. More information about the plagiarism policy.

Payment for manuscript processing

The processing of author's manuscripts and publication of articles for members of the Public Organization “All-Ukrainian Association of Endovascular Neuroradiology” and for all other authors are free of charge.

The article submission for members of the Public Organization “All-Ukrainian Association of Endovascular Neuroradiology” is free of charge. For other authors, the payment is 2000.00 UAH.

Most of the expenses for financing the journal are made from voluntary contributions to the account of the Public Organization "All-Ukrainian Association of Endovascular Neuroradiology", which is a non-profit organization. The journal doesn’t have any other sources of state or commercial financing, the distribution of the journal to the libraries of the country and for authors is also free of charge.

Manuscript submission

The submission should include:

  1. Data for all authors of the article in two languages ​​(Ukrainian, English): full names, place of work, work address, contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail), unique identifier ORCID, SCOPUS ID, RESEACHER ID (at availability), the responsible author is indicated.
  2. The article itself: the text file of the article and separated files with pictures in the software packages described below.

This information is sent to the responsible secretary of the journal "Ukrainian Interventional Neuroradiology and Surgery”

Maryna Y. Mamonova, responsible secretary:

State Organization "Scientific-Practical Center of Endovascular Neuroradiology of NAMS of Ukraine"

Ukraine, 04050, Kyiv, str. Platona Maiborody, 32, building 5, room. 803


Phone: +38 (050) 310-19-44

Requirements for the article design

Articles are accepted in Ukrainian and English.

The article should be structured and contain the following units:

  • Relevance of the work: the problem as a whole and its relevance to the actual scientific and practical tasks, analysis of recent researches and publications, in which solutions to this problem are initiated, the allocation of previously unresolved parts of the general problem, which is devoted to this article;
  • the article objective formulation;
  • an overview of the main material and research methods;
  • teaching research results;
  • discussion of results;
  • conclusions from the given research and prospects of further tasks in this direction;
  • keywords;
  • list of references.

Case report:

  • summary in Ukrainian and English (at least 2000 characters). The summary should include the title, full name of the authors, places of work, should be structured (the objective, case presentation, results, conclusions, keywords);
  • relevance;
  • the objective;
  • presentation of a clinical case (initial data: complaints, anamnesis, possible information about the patient in the form of a story; description of examination; treatment plan and treatment results, data of instrumental methods of examination before and after treatment);
  • discussion (identification of possible issues that have arisen in the case, comparison with other data in the literature, discussion of other treatment options and consequences);
  • conclusions (outcomes of the obtained results);
  • list of references

Literature review:

  • summary in Ukrainian and English (at least 2000 characters). The summary should include the title, full name of the authors, places of work, should be structured (the objective, main part, conclusions, keywords);
  • relevance: general, brief idea of ​​the work;
  • introduction (provides information about the structure and relationship of work elements);
  • the main part (reflection of the problem investigation level, comparison of different views on this problem, consideration of the most modern publications about the topic, it is possible to provide an assessment of the published materials of this problem ).
  • Conclusions (recommendations for further research or proposals for the introduction of scientific innovations to solve specific problems).

Protocols, recommendations, standards:

  •  summary in Ukrainian and English (not less than 2000 characters). Summary must contain the name, name of the authors, place of their work, without rubrication, the key words);
  • introduction;
  • field of application; 
  • normative basis; 
  • goal and objectives;
  • methodology;
  • patient model (what disease, stages, severity, peculiarities of pathology);
  • algorithms, protocol recommendations, standards, designs (descriptions, schemes, tables, questionnaires, inventory);
  • criteria of the treatment efficacy evaluation;
  • list of references

Discussion articles, scientific chronicles, short messages are made in free forms

For publication in a scientific journal the following materials should be submitted:

  • structured article – 2 copies (in accordance with the conditions specified below). Original signatures of all authors should be present at the end of the article (download the sample);
  • information about the authors (download the sample);
  • official letter - application (from the institution), signed by the head of the organization, where the work was performed (download the sample);
  • original expert opinion on the possibility of an article publishing in an open press (download the sample);
  • completed blank of the license agreement for the scientific article using, signed and stamped by the licensor (download the sample);
  • completed Form for Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest (download the form and instruction samples);
  • full postal address of responsible author, contact phone number and e-mail address;


Article design:


starting with No 2 (24) 2018 references will be designed by new standards!

The article should contain:

  • UDC code; article title; full names of all authors;
  • the full name of the organizations where the authors work, with the allocation to each author;
  • summary in Ukrainian and English (at least 2000 characters). The summary should include the title, all authors names, places of work, should be structured (the objective, materials and methods, results, conclusions, keywords);
  • list of literary sources;
  • at the end of the article, the following information is provided:
  • the date of the article submission to the editorial office;
  • number of bibliographic references;
  • number of tables;
  • number of pictures.


  • date of submission - 24.03.2018
  • Ref. 9
  • tabl. 1
  • fig. 3

Article volume:

The volume of the article without the reference list should not exceed: for problematic and original research - 10-12 p. (but not less than 6-8 p.), lectures and reviews - 15-18 p., for discussion articles - up to 20 p., for scientific chronology - 5 p., for short-term reports - 3 p., clinical cases – up to 7 p.

Description of the article layout:

The article should be typed in a Microsoft Word with the Time New Roman type, 14 points, without tabs and hyphens, in 1.5 intervals, ewith the center position. The page format is A4, the top, bottom, left sides – 2.5 cm, right side – 1.5 cm.

Main text:

The article is made without running title and page numbering. In the numbers writing, the fractional part of the whole should be separated by a comma, not a dot.

All notations are removed from the text and presented as a single list above the material of the article. The notation is arranged in alphabetical order, in a column, first in Latin, then in Greek, in Ukrainian, followed by indices - upper and lower. When using shortened names in the text, author should give them a decoding at the end of the list of notations.


AA - arterial aneurysm;
MCA - middle cerebral artery;
t ° - temperature;
t ' – time.

All physical quantities and units should be given by the SI system, the terms - according to the anatomical and histological nomenclatura, the diagnoses - according to the International Classification of Diseases.


All Illustrations to work (pictures, photographs, charts, diagrams, formulas) are submitted electronically (scanned with a resolution of at least 300 dpi and saved as * tiff or * jpeg format) with the ability to edit an electronic image (MS Word, MS Excel or MS Graph). Photos must be contrasting in digital format with a resolution of at least 240 dpi, pictures and graphics – crisp, tone pictures – in format *.tif, 240-300 dpi, without compression. Diagrams and graphs are built in Microsoft Excel formats and inserted into the text along with the data used to build. Formulas are typed in the formulas editor.

All tables and figures should have names and be numbered (including formulas). Every illustration should be explained. All the tables and figures should have links in to the text.


  • References to the sources in the text are given in square brackets according to the number in the list of literature.
  • List of sources: no more than 15 for scientific research, 3-5 for clinical cases and short messages, up to 40 for discussion and review articles.
  • It is numbered in order of mention in the text. Type Times New Roman 11pt. The abbreviation of the cited sources is not allowed.
  • In the bibliographic description of each source must be represented all authors. If there are more than 7 authors in the publication, after the 6th author it is necessary to put the abbreviation "..., etc. It is not permissible to reduce the title of the article. The name of the English-language journals is given in accordance with the MedLine database. If the journal is not indexed in MedLine, indicate its full name. The names of domestic journals can’t be cut down.
  • From 2019, the references will correspond to the Vancouver style. In this regard, references to sources written in Cyrillic should additionally indicate information in English or (in Ukrainian or in Russian).
  • During the transliteration, authors should use the standard BGN / PCGN (United States Board on Geographic Names / Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use), recommended by the international publishing house Oxford University Press as "British Standard".
  • To translate text to the BGN standard, you can use the following links:

- in Ukrainian -

- in Russian -


General information:

  • Articles written in non-compliance with the Requirements will be returned to the authors. The date of receipt will be considered the date of re-receipt of the article, executed in accordance with the above Requirements.
  • Rejected for review of the manuscript will not be returned to the authors.
  • In the absence of one of the listed documents, presence of a large number of stylistic, spelling, grammatical mistakes, in course of execution without observing the specified requirements after a repeated return - materials for consideration will not be accepted, and their authors will not be confessed.

For more information, please contact the Editorial Board:

NGO "All-Ukrainian Association of Endovascular Neuroradiology"

Ukraine, 04050 Kiev, street. P. Mayboroda, 32, building 5, room. 803

Tel .: +38 (044) 483-32-17, +38 (050) 310-19-44

Fax: +38 (044) 483-34-07, +38 (044) 593-64-21


Web-site of the NGO "UAIN":

web-site of the journal

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party. Privacy, Confidentiality and Informed Consent Policy.