Neurosurgeon, nota bene! … brain!

Keywords: neurosurgical treatment; functional acceptability; treatment outcome.


Advances in radiology, and introduction of modern neuroimaging technologies into practice, make it possible to identify pathological zones in various parts of the brain, that measure in millimeters. Modern tractography reveals the influence of various lesion on the conductors of the brain. Applications of the modern neurophysiology technology – electroencephalography, evoked potentials, etc., reveal the functions of various parts of the brain. Utilization of neuronavigation, microsurgery, endoscopy, provide access to the deepest structures of the brain, including the brain stem regions, which were previously inaccessible, and the localization of the process in this area was a serious taboo for neurosurgery. Disputable is the functional acceptability of surgical interventions in order to minimize disorders affecting the quality of patients life. It is necessary to take into account the social factor when before planing the operation with possible functional defects. Neurosurgery has gone from a hammer, a chisel, and removal of brain tumor with a «smart» finger in microsurgery, endoscopy, and endovascular surgery. As the most technologically equipped, she approached the introduction of artificial intelligence both in scientific research and in practical activities, more than other sciences. The usage of modern technologies for predicting neurosurgical interventions should be based in the core of indications and contraindications for surgery.


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