Actual problems of stenting using in critical limb ischemia (cli) treatment

  • O.L. Nikishin SO «Scientific-Practical Center of Endovascular Neuroradiology NAMS of Ukraine»
  • MI. Muz Kyiv City Clinical Hospital N 8
  • A.I. Gavretskiy Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  • I.V. Altman SO «Scientific-Practical Center of Endovascular Neuroradiology NAMS of Ukraine»
  • S.I. Savoluk Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Keywords: critical limb ischemia, diabetic angiopathy, diabetic foot syndrome, stenting, drugeluting stents, restenosis, angioplasty


Critical limb ischemia is a life-threatening disease that often results in partial disability or death. One of the ways in optimizing its endovascular treatment is the stents using. The current review presents results of several meta-analyses testing of different stent types different segments of the arterial bloodstream in lower limbs. Using of drug-eluting stents in the femoral-popliteal segment improves the treatment results of critical ischemia in lower limbs compared with other methods of revascularization. Currently, in case of short local injuries, drug-eluting covered stents implementation is recommended at the segment of lower leg.


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