To the issue of degree of removal of gliomas of supratentorial localization

  • S.A. Usatov Luhansk State Medical University, Rubizhne, Ukraine
  • B.R. Rashidi Luhansk State Medical University, Rubizhne, Ukraine
  • Yu.V. Boguslavskiy Luhansk State Medical University, Rubizhne, Ukraine
Keywords: Key words: internal carotid artery; occlusion; surgical treatment.


Objective ‒ to assess the possibility of increasing the time of surgical restoration of blood flow in the acute period of ischemic stroke due to occlusive lesion of the internal carotid artery (ICA).
Materials and methods. Among the patients who were admitted for treatmentat in the Regional Odessa Hospital with acute ischemic stroke in the carotid region a group of 6 patients was identified in whom the cause of stroke was occlusion of the ICA by an atherosclerotic plaque. Age of patients ‒ from 54 to 71 years. Patients were hospitalized later 6 hours from the onset of stroke. The survey was carried out according to the established protocol. Neurological deficits are mild to moderate. In order to eliminate the occlusion of the ICA, all patients underwent endarterectomy.
Results. Carotidendarterectomy was performed from 2 to 11 days after onset of stroke. Retrograde blood flow through the ICA was obtained in three (50 %) patients in whom surgical interventions were performed up to 4 days after the disease. In the postoperativeperiod a typical therapy was carried out. In cases with the obtained retrograde blood flowon control carotid angiograms demonstrated revascularization of the ICA basin according to mTICI-3. On the control CT of the brain in postoperative period in one case the point subarachnoid hemorrhages was determined. In the other two cases there was no evidence hemorrhagic transformation. Operated patients showed positive dynamics: a decrease hemiparesis by 1 poin and regression of mental disorders. The patients were discharged withm RS 1‒2. During the follow-up examination 90 days the neurological condition of the patients improved to mRS 1‒0.
Conclusions. Results obtained in increasing the “therapeutic window” for revascularization of the occluded ICA allow to continue research in the indicated direction and improve the quality of surgical care for patients with acute stroke.


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