Application of a combined approach in the patient treatment with aggressive hemangiomas of the spine

  • Yu.M. Samonenko SO «Scientific-practical Center of endovascular neuroradiology, NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv
  • O.Ye. Svyrydiuk SO «Scientific-practical Center of endovascular neuroradiology, NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv
  • A.V. Nayda SO «Scientific-practical Center of endovascular neuroradiology, NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv
  • О.V. Slobodian SO «Scientific-practical Center of endovascular neuroradiology, NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv
Keywords: spinal aggressive hemangioma; hypervascular tumors; preoperative embolization.


Aggressive hemangioma of the spine is a benign vascular tumor. Stabilization, vertebroplasty, partial resection or total corpectomy of the affected vertebra, radiation therapy are known methods of treatment. Vertebral hemangiomas are more likely to be asymptomatic. Accordind to literature review 3–5 % of hemangiomas are symptomatic (pain). In 1.0 % of cases, hemangiomas cause symptoms of compression of nerve structures, spreading epidurally around the spinal cord and / or radicular nerves. A clinical case of a 63-year-old patient who underwent surgery in 2016 at another clinic for aggressive vertebral hemangiomas Th4 was presented. Bisphosphonate treatment was performed. Despite treatment, progressive lower extremities paraparesis was observed. Spinal angiography and total embolization of hemangiomas with liquid embolizing substances were performed. Immediately after embolization, the patient noted a pain intensity decrease. Surgery was performed in 40 minutes after transarterial embolization (removal of transpedicular stabilizing metal system, laminectomy of Th4 vertebra, decompression of the spinal cord, partial removal of Th4 hemangioma biopsy). The volume of intraoperative blood loss was 200 ml. Wound suction drainage was removed on the second postoperative day. No systemic complications (deep vein thrombosis, pneumonia) were noted. The patient was verticalized on the second postoperative day. After surgery, neurological function corresponded to the preoperative level (Frankel C). Regression of neurological deficit was observed (increased strength and range of motion of the lower extremities, bladder function improvement) the 5th postoperative day (Frankel D-E), Histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of hemangiomas. The patient was discharged from hospital with neurological improvement. Radiation therapy was recommended. 3 months after surgery, neurological function was assessed as Frankel E.


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