Experience of surgical treatment of symptomatic aggressive hemangiomas with myelopathy and severe neurological symptoms

  • V.O. Pyatikop Kharkiv National Medical University, department of neurosurgery
  • Yu.O. Babalyan The Regional Clinical Hospital Center of Urgent Medicine and Medicine of Catastrophes
Keywords: aggressive hemangioma, myelopathy, wide laminectomy, open vertebroplasty, posterior instrumented fusion.


Objective – to improve results of surgical treatment of patients with aggressive thoracic hemangiomas with severe neurological symptoms by optimizing volume of surgery.

Materials and methods. Treatment of 4 cases with aggressive thoracic vertebral hemangiomas with severe neurocompression were analyzed. In every case wide laminectomy, partial pediculotomy, epidural soft tumor mass resection with open vertebroplasty, posterior instrumented fusion were done.

Results. In first two weeks after surgery neurological situation improved on one level according to ASIA scale, in 1 (25 %) case total resolution of symptoms was observed. Mean operating time were (210 ± 34) min., mean blood loss – (350 ± 82) ml. Control magnetic resonance imaging in 3 and 12 month after surgery revealed no compression, no recurrence.

Conclusions. Wide posterior decompression with instrumented fusion and open vertebroplasty give possibility to obtain local growth control, neurological functional restoration with small surgical risks (mean operating time, blood loss, wound healing process).


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