Modern view on ethiophology and pathogenesis of different species and forms of congenital vessels malformations

  • I.V. Altman SО «Scientific-Practical Center of Endovascular Neuroradiology NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv
Keywords: vascular malformations; capillary malformations; arterial malformations; venous malformations; arteriovenous malformations; angiogenesis.


Objective — to study the current state of the problem of etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of congenital vascular malformations of various types and localization.
Materials and methods. The analysis of 21 sources of scientific and medical literature on the etiology and pathogenesis of congenital anomalies of the vascular system over the past 20 years. The theory of the violation of embryonic angiogenesis, as the cause of vascular malformations, is considered. The latest research data on the genetic, molecular, cellular mechanisms of the development of congenital vascular malformations has been systematized. A retrospective analysis of the results of a survey of 319 patients with hemangiomas and congenital vascular malformations with localization in the head, limbs, trunk, internal organs was carried out.
Results. The percentage of each type of vascular malformation in the general structure of congenital vascular anomalies and the prevalence of vascular malformations, depending on the location. It has been established that the cause of congenital vascular malformations is a violation of the formation and differentiation of the vascular system of the embryogenesis. The violation of the formation and differentiation of the vascular system of the embryogenesis is result of local cellular mutations of genes responsible for the regulation of embryonic angiogenesis.
Conclusions. The emergence, development and final formation of the embryo’s vascular system is a complex process stretched in time, governed by the interaction mechanisms of biologically active substances stimulating and inhibiting angiogenesis, with the start dates, the sequence of inclusion of various stages, the humoral regulation of this complex system has its clear genetic coding. The complex nature of embryogenesis and histogenesis of arteries, veins, microvasculature, creates prerequisites for various deviations in the embryonic angiogenesis. This explains the variety of types and forms of vascular anomalies.


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